Go on a Sea kayak adventure around Brisbane.

Brizyak Kayak hire and its sea kayak hire fleet is the best way to explore the more tranquil waterways around Brisbane. We can get you out on the water kayaking in range of locations in Brisbane all the way up to the Sunshine Coast.

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Our sea kayaks are available for hire with all the required equipment. All you need to do is tell us where and when you would like to go Kayaking.

Our Sea Kayak hire fleet uses sit in side sea or touring kayaks. The beauty of these kayaks is that they are much faster and streamline than your average sit on top kayak. This allows you to explore further into your chosen location. The kayaks have rudders for maneuverability. The Kayaks come with paddles, life jackets (PFD) and spray skirts. The kayaks also have dry storage enough for overnight camping.


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If you want to plan kayak hire with a group at a specific location, we are more than happy to meet you at a location within SEQ. The waterways we visit are all removed from the urban environment. We want you to see the removed and tranquil waterways of South East Queensland’s waterways. Select a hire location from the list or suggest your own adventure.

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